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Thread: How does this work on a /5?

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    How does this work on a /5?

    Wife and Kid are out of the house for the PM, snow is still on the ground, and I'm getting antsy.

    I finally went through a box of parts I got when I bought an R75/5 about 6 years ago. Found a great advance unit for an R69S, with the later style spring - SCORE!!

    I also found several other parts, and I have a question about one of them. There is a NOS ignition set with part number 51-25-1-233-279. Has both keys. I looked on Mark Huegott's web site, and it seems to be for a /6 and R90S, but it also says its for the European /5, from 500 cc to the 750 cc.

    How can this be? I thought they were all the "nail" style ignition?

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    Sounds like the parts you have were for "another" project? Unless the bike was converted, I think you're has the speedo in the top of the headlight shell along with the slot on top for the nail key.

    As for the advance unit...I could be wrong, but I don't think that's going to work on a /5. I think the advance unit keys into the front of the camshaft differently.
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    it also says its for the European /5, from 500 cc to the 750 cc.
    The /5 never had any other ignition switch/key than the "nail". The P/N you provided is for a complete lock set; ignition, steering head, and seat lock. I'd bet a buck (but not any more) that this is what the reference to the 500/750 is about. BTW, the -279 lock set is NA from BMW, according to MAX.

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