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Thread: R 80 GS Rear Drive Leak

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    R 80 GS Rear Drive Leak

    Problem is ,it has a leak that keeps coming back. Leaking from the large paper gasket. The rear drive has only 6,000 miles on it and on it's third gasket. Maybe silicone on the gasket? Would that inter fear with shiming ?

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    A good buddy uses Permatex blue on stuff like that. It fills in the minor cavities or gaps that are usually responsible for leaks in old stuff. It seals really well and not hard to clean up next time it's opened.
    This stuff:
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    were are taking R80 G/S and not R80 GS Basic right??? My 1st choice for gasket sealer would be Hylomar, or 2nd choice permatex. Stay away from silicone. Make sure the surfaces are good and clean with no gouges.

    If you use Permatex #2, it will stick all over things and be hard to clean up if having to take it appart again.

    Make sure the O-rings at the brake lever have been replaced. I've have problems with the brake pivot pin being loose. If I remember right permatex #2 was used on it.
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    I believe my G/S leaks or mists lubricants out of every possible place.

    In replacing my pushrod tube seals, I used Yamabond 4 Semi-drying liquid gasket on the base of the cylinders when re-assembling. (I didn't put Yamabond on the seals). The previous tech used black silicone on everything, oh man what a mess getting all that removed.

    The Yamabond seems to work well in sealing, but I've not tried removing it while disassembling.

    Mechanics that use it swear by it.

    And as noted above, another good choice is Hylomar Universal Blue Sealant.

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