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Thread: 2006 Rally

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    2006 Rally

    Are there any links available for the 2006 Rally in Vermont? I didn't make it to the Vermont booth, and I'd like to see a town map and locations of and links to nearby motels.

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    I don't know of any links yet, but the Vermont tourism folks were handing out a two-page list of hotels/motels/inns in the area of the rally (Essex Junction) that had agreed to offer special rates for rally attendees. Their advice, as always, was "book early" as these block rooms at reduced rates were limited. That said, I'm not really sure how reduced the rates are.
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    Motel rates

    I hope the Vermont motels do not jack up the rates for "rally week" like the Lima Motels did. Funny thing, they never mentioned the rate hike when I made my confirmation many months before the rally!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by West Michigan
    Are there any links available for the 2006 Rally in Vermont? I didn't make it to the Vermont booth, and I'd like to see a town map and locations of and links to nearby motels.

    Has the date(s) been set yet, if so what are they?

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    2006, Vermont

    There are no links yet for 2006 on the MOA Board. The ashes of the Lima event aren't even cold yet for God's sake.

    Not to worry, there are over 4,000 motel/hotel rooms within a 15 mile radius of the venue. At the Vermont booth, we were handing out a list of a sampling of lodging in the area ranging from dorm rooms to Comfort Inn type places to fancy ski resort timeshares. Again it was a sample of available lodging, not a definitive list.

    We have already negotiated some discounted block room rates. We will be negotiating more in the future. There is a large enough pool of lodging that post reservation price increases should not be encountered, as has been reported by some people who attended Lima.

    Watch the MOA Forum and the BMW ON after the October 05 Rally Wrap Up issue for information on 06. In the meantime, enjoy the excellent memories of a fine rally in Lima this year.

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    In manning the booth, I had some time to talk to Tom from Vermont regarding pricing on the hotels. Tom stated that if the hotel is a Vermont Convention Member they must hold to there normal rates.

    We had a couple come up and complain of a huge rate increase due to this event. Tom was on the phone to his office and that hotel is not on the recommended list and is blackballed from future CVE events.

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    Lodging Choices

    Price gouging is NOT typical of lodging operators in VT. The Champlain Valley Fairgrounds hosts several large annual gatherings for groups that return year after year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garth
    Has the date(s) been set yet, if so what are they?
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    Room Rates

    Folks please be careful with the motels in that area. If you book ahead, and who doesn't try, get a paper confirmation with the rates. I have been to that area many times and while reasonably priced rooms are possible price gouging is common. And I have little faith in the aforementioned Chamber enforcing the no price increase policy in reality as the rally date approaches. The chamber folks rely on dues for their daily bread. Just my thoughts.
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    I travel for work quite a bit, and every time I book a hotel I get a confirmation of the rate and the schedule. It has saved a bunch of money and problems.

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    Thanks, everyone, for the links, info, dates, warnings and testimonials. That should get me started.

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