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    Question who does it better

    since returning home from lima some of the threads i have read have been negative (too hot, different date, etc). many great comments, but bad news sells. anyway my question is this: Who does it better than us? I know that events like Sturgis and Daytona are bigger, certainly bigger is not always better. But who does the whole rally thing better than BMW folks. We have several choices throughout the year in numerous places. We ride in, camp, drink beer, and have fun. Aside from a couple of Goldwing rallies is there anything else that is like what BMW people do all year long?

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    no one

    been to sturgis, will never go to that mess again. Lima was great, really enjoyed it, heat, straight roads an all. no human can control weather no mater where or when. no rally will be perfect for everyone. adapt and maintain, enjoy. i did and will attend every national MOA i can. they are the best large rally anybody has. GREAT JOB EVER ONE AND THANK YOU FOR A GOOD TIME.

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    That's what makes the Top of the Rockies Rally so nice. Been there 6 out of the last 7 years and each one has been as close to perfect as anyone could expect.

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