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Thread: Another satellite com device for texting. Cheap relatively speaking...

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    Another satellite com device for texting. Cheap relatively speaking...

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    Fascinating! I'd like to try that on our travels next summer.

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    forgive me if I'm

    a bit sceptical....

    and it certainly isn't cheap.
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    What a terrible, awful web site. If they hope to sell a lot of these they'll need to up their game considerably.

    More to the point, it looks to be of limited use for what I, at least, would want in a satellite communication device. It does nothing by itself, so you must have a working phone/tablet/laptop and the ability to use it for it to be of value. Fine for texting from a tent, but forget about pressing an "SOS" button if you're lying at the side of the road. Or, just using it in the rain.

    It also apparently provides no geolocation service. So, no use for general position tracking, nor really practical for summoning aid unless you're also equipped to explain where you are.
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