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Thread: 78r80/7. Push rod tubes

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    78r80/7. Push rod tubes

    Hi, I pulled the cylinders on my r80/7 and when I was cleaning up found one of the push rod tubes loose in the head, in fact it came out, also the rings on the tubes are loose is this normal?So what I need to know is how to put the tube back in the head so it won't leak.

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    Definitely not normal...they're supposed to be an interference fit. Issues now are getting it installed to the right depth (or the ring/collar) so that the proper squeeze will happen on the seal. Plus getting it to seal at the head. Snowbum discusses the issues here:

    Here is a crude picture I put together to show the proper placement of the pushrod tube/collar for pressing on the seal:
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    I just went through the same thing on myR100/7. There are a couple threads and several posts on right now. I had 3 loose rings too. If you want to PM me your phone # ill call. I talk a lot faster than these 60 yr old fingers type.
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