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I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful replies. Believe I will go with a Frogg Toggs jacket. But there are many models. Any suggestions for visibility and small storage space? Hard to be a smart consumer these days. Just yesterday my wife sent me out to buy groceries with a list which contained three packages of toilet paper for $5.98 each. Turned out there were THREE VARIETIES all on sale for the same price. Not the sort of choice any man should have to make. Didn't get hell from my wife this time on my best guess. Got lucky.
A guy that doesn't know what brand of toilet paper his wife prefers - probably needs indoctrination?
Rain jacket: there are literally hundreds of them out there-price point matters, then brand/model at that price. Try Backpacker reviews & REI reviews. I like my Marmot in black. It isn't as nice as the one it replaced that had a mesh liner but works fine. Cost varies with source. For high end at lower price search Sierra Trading Post. Ebay/Amazon too. Forget about the color & buy a cheapo, bright safety vest to wear over whatever you have on. In a pinch Wally World for non-breathable "dry for awhile" jacket. The best "regular ones" have underarm vents too which will get rained in on a bike. Basic difference in walking in the rain vs. flying down the road.