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Thread: 1200 GSA seat

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    1200 GSA seat

    Any advice about a new seat for my 2008 1200GSA, I bought a Touratech a while back, and it's just too hard.
    I do not want to go any lower than stock.
    Any info would be helpful.
    Has anybody out there tried a Wunderlich seat. Pricey but they look interesting.
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    You might want to check out Bill Mayer Saddles. Rocky is now offering to build a seat using seat pans developed by him. You do not need to send in your seat for modifications. Rocky does build a good saddle and is easy to do business with. He will be at the National building seats on site.


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    I think it depends on what type of riding you do with your GSA.

    Russell Day Long is considered by most to be the best seat for long distance touring but the wider width at the nose doesn't work as well for off road duty for some. There are many owners, like myself, that seldom do off road riding so comfort is the priority.

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    I've had both Corbin and Sargent aftermarket seats and, for my body style, the Sargent seats win hands down.

    In fact, if I bought a bike and it had a Corbin seat on it I would have that in the flea market as quickly as possible. But, everybody has a different body type so what works for one may not work for you. If you get the opportunity, try sitting on other models to get an idea what feels good for you.

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    I currently switch back and forth between a Sargent and a Saddleman Adventure Track. They are totally different from each other, but I can do about the same miles with either. The Saddleman lets me move around more. One of these days I will decide which to keep and sell the other. I also have a Seat Concepts foam and cover on the stock pan. I love that foam, but not the shape. They have since changed the shape since I bought mine. If the foam is lower in the back then it would be ideal. I plan to trim that foam a bit and see if I like it better.

    Seats are something you have to try out for yourself and ride for a while.
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    Rick Mayer did a great job on my GSA seat!
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    GSA Seat

    Bought a Sargent seat after thinking that I would just tough it out on the stock seat.The lower seat changed the whole dynamic of the bike.The Tourtec windshield extension is now on the shelf.Wish I had bought it sooner.

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    RDL nice for putting on the miles. But for off road the original seat will allow you to move side to side.
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    GSA Seat

    I use the Sargent seat on my GS since >6Kmls and I like it very much (6'2, 200).
    Riding off-road I have no complains except the seat cover could be less slippery and it shows many scratches already .
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