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Thread: Boyer Electronic Ignition Wiring

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    Boyer Electronic Ignition Wiring

    Having Just installed the Boyer Brandsen Electronic Ignition set up I came across a black wire that I believe is part of the contact breaker then to the capacitor. Two question came to mind.

    1. What pole does the black lead wire attach to on the coil?
    2. Is the capacitor necessary? Reason I ask this when ever I installed the Boyer on British bikes, the first thing that went in the garbage was the capacitor.
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    Rick -

    As I recall it, the +12v comes into the coil on the left side...positive pole I'm pretty sure. Then there's the jumper from negative to the positive pole on the right coil. Then the condenser would be connected to the negative pole on the right coil. That's the path to ground, through the condenser/points.

    I would leave the condenser installed in the bike. Just in case you need to switch back. Of course, you should carry with you the complete stock system, including advance unit, as a roadside fix. That is what I do on my /7 with the Dyna III.
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    20774's advice is well taken. I had a Boyer Branson unit on my R90S back in 1977 or so and it failed on me one morning at home. Went back to the points set up after that.

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