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Thread: Colorado rules and regulations on rear lighting

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    Be interesting to ask your BMW dealer if they're prevented from selling the BMW flashing LED unit. It's advertised nationally and I sincerely doubt it's illegal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    Gentleman, a humble submission/interrogative:
    Does anyone else, while stopped at a red light/stop sign flash there brake lights manually with there're front brake lever like I do when I see cars approaching in my side views? I flash anyone that comes up on me until I can tell they are stopping based on their closure rate at which point I go solid on the front brake. I also have other strategies like placing the bike betwix left and right lanes so I can squeeze between the two in the event I have someone not slowing.
    I personally shy away from technology that would cause me to not employ these and other strategies as I want to stay muy sharpo on el bikeo... Pardon my pig Spanish.
    I have a pair of Skene Design P3 brake lights mounted on either side of my license plate on my GTL. I plan on adding another set of red Photon Blasters in the top case light space also connected to the IQ-150 controller. I might even add a third set of PB's to the side cases.

    I love the added distance these have caused cagers to give me when they see them flash.

    When I am sitting at a stop sign/light and no one is behind me, I keep watch. When I do see a vehicle coming up behind, I will release the front brake lever and reapply so the lights will flash again.
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