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Thread: Friday's Entertainment

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    Friday's Entertainment

    George Thorogood was fun to see if for no other reason than bringing back memories. Hwever, Stacy Mitchhart - blues band in the beer hall afterwards was GREAT! - Would really like to see his band again next year in VT.

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    Glad you liked them; I kept telling Sue and Brian that Stacy was going to rock the joint!
    The acoustics in the Beer Tap were really sub-par, but hopefully their quality got through. As for VT, the costs go up exponentially for a band that large to travel that far from Nashville, but who knows? Brian, or whomever is the entertainment chair for VT, can contact me and I'll find out! Little premature now, perhaps.
    I'll likely use them again in Lima for some of our larger festivals, as I have in the past, because they are just too good NOT to have them back!

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