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Thread: Schuberth C3 Rust

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    Schuberth C3 Rust

    I have a 3 year old C3 and have noticed the metal strap length adjuster piece on the fastener straps has become very rusty. Not what I would expect from a $700 lid. Anybody else have this?

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    The d rings must have come in contact with something acidic during a time when it wasn't on your head in order to so weaken the chrome. The other option is that the rings weren't electroplated correctly. I say that it must have been off of your head because any acid strong enough to strip chrome plate is going to be noticed by your face. (ouch)

    If they weren't plated correctly, there should be some recourse to Schuberth. Might be tough to distinguish which it is. If others have noticed it, Schuberth should know about it and might have a replacement/repair plan.

    I would contact Schuberth directly and inquire.

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