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Thread: Pirelli tires

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    Question Pirelli tires

    Time for new rubber for my K100 RT, found a good price on Pirelli Sport Demons and Im wondering if anyone had any experience with them?


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    My BMW mechanic called me today to ask if I had any experience with the Pirellis. One of his customers wants to put them on his bike. Seems like the BMW crowd hasn't tried them yet. I love my Michelins.
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    Have Pirelli Diablo Rear Tire

    After a getting a cut in my brand new Mich. Pilot Road rear tire after only ~100 mi. ( ), I had a Pirelli Diablo put on. Although I didn't like the feel as much as the Pilot, it handles well and has lasted 5K+ miles so far. A bit of a flat spot, though I commute on fairly straight roads. Can't speak for the model you're looking at, but at least here's one good experience for the brand.

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    Speaking only of the 'Brand' I am very happy with my Pirelli MT90 Scorpion S/Ts on my GS. They are wearing very well and evenly, they have great wet weather feel and grip and provide sufficient feed back to the rider. Can't tell you how long they last in comparison because tires seem to last me longer than the average person down South (Wet roads and cool temps, I guess). I've got 7,000 miles on them and they look like 8-10,000 or so is left.

    I know I'm not helping you with pure street tires, but the rubber and compound of silica and what ever else goes into a tire these days; these are the first set of tires I have bought two-pair of lately.

    Michelin (Anakees) wore out the rear 'Chicken Strips' fast and were done at 14,000

    Metzeler (Tourances) about the same as the Pirellis, but had some cupping on the front tire from braking. Lasted an unbelievable 18,000 miles

    I don't know if that helps, but I also believe Pirelli and Metzeler are manufactured in the same industry in Germany.

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    Perelli memory awakens!

    Mt R100/7 riding south on Interstate 5 in Anaheim,CA near Disneyland. 70 plus mph, middle lane, lots of traffic and my rear Perelli picks a nail up and the darn tire breaks completely from rim! YES, the bead broke loose. I thought I'd had it for sure with traffic the way it was and me doing everything to keep from dying. This was 20 years ago and I do not remember what model Perelli it was and most likely different from today's Perelli's. It stuck with me though, as a near death experience. No, I've never bought another Perelli. What happened; Nobody hit me and I made it to shoulder without falling, god nows how! Steering lock to steering lock, from 70 to stop...I had a guardian angel that day and I stood for minutes alongside the bike on the shoulder of the road just shaking from what happened. A good sumaritan had stopped and offered a ride to nearby bike shop for repairs. My lucky day. I still have the bike! Randy13233

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    I had a new set of Pirelli Scorpians put on a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE THEM!!! They really make a difference on the twisties!!
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