My quest for physical, mental, and spiritual perfection has led me to the greatest discovery to date. The new, fabulous exercise regimen that will tone and shape my body into what I have always wanted. Yoga - c'mon. Pilates? So yesterday. I am writing to you about: Pirates. (pronounced "pie rotties").
Its kinda like Tai Bo in that it takes the potential negative energy of pseudo-violence and gives it a positive channel through the golden chakra which clenses it with a white light of love. We swash about with swords and have to wear an eye patch and say "Arrrrrr" all the time. The teacher/sensi/guide is called "Cap'n" and we are all "mateys" (at least until our enrollment checks clear).
Pirating (pie-ratting) culminates in the taking of other peoples worldly possesions (thereby setting them free of the ties that bind) and the consumption of hard tack (look for the Carb-free Atkins Hard Tack in the aisles at D&W, Kroger, and CostCo). True Pie-rates are known by the blackness of our teeth, our ripped abs, and the odd habit of having small candles burning in our beards.
Join me?
VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover/NOVUS accepted