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Thread: Employee Loyalty!

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    Thumbs down Employee Loyalty!

    Here are a couple of threads I think are interesting that deal with the motorsports world, business and employee relationships. Don't go here unless you have lots of time to waste. It seems an employee that works for Babbitt's bought a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and his boss Babbitt fired him for not purchasing their brand of bike.

    Look for threads that mention Babbitt's

    Here is the dealership mentioned.
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    Worked for the number 1 UNC Chapel Hill fan in the world in 1967/8 in Burlington NC and one employee parked his car with an NC State bumper sticker in the lot one day...well...Mr. 'K' (he won't allow me to quote his name, but his parents have buildings on the UNC campus named after them) scrapped it off the bumper. When the guy saw what was going-on he had a fit! Mr. 'K' told him he could park his car on HIS property but without an NC State sticker on it! It was that or park off-site!

    But he didn't fire the guy. I think if this story about Babbit is true he has left himself open to a very annoying law suit.


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