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Thread: When to rebuild Bing carbs on an airhead?

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    On a regular basis as I bring in 5 gallon cans of fuel onto the place I treat them right then so there is NO question if the fuel has been treated. For gasoline in goes a dose of Lucas Injector/Carb fuel cleaner treatment, stabil, or Startron, and some Marvel Mystery stuff. For Diesel I put in Lucas as with gas, Cetane, and Marvel...........Each individual machine gets a dose of something if it needs it. My chipper, a heavy duty B&S Vanguard engine, came back from my son's with a barely staying running/idling miss. After now a couple of doses of heavy duty Lucas it is back to sounding like a well tuned Harley at idle. The generator for total loss electrical backup gets a dose of Startron as you can't overdose it to much and it sits and sits for months at a time. The Honda 3000 genset for the Airstream, gets a dose of lucas as it is a Honda and they tend to get crud in the float bowls. Had to replace the whole carb with my Honda engine pressure washer due to the float bowl being one solid bunch of white crud. old Troy Bilt Horse tiller with umpteen million hours on it gets not only a fuel dose treatment but every known oil treatment to keep the piston ring blowby and smoking down to where it is tolerable................
    The R90 is just another dose of Lucas, octane boost, and stabil. For the winter I fill it up with ethanol free ethyl (high test), take the bowls off and sit them on top of the cylinder, and then when I feel like going for a ride in the winter I might dump in some Lucas; but typically just get on and ride..........
    All ..........ALL of my engines have a fuel shut off, petcock, and are run until they quit running and then if they have an easily accessable float drain, that is done also. I always get let's say a spoon full of fuel out when I do that............God bless.....Dennis
    I've been a believer in Lucas, and have been using it for years in my cars, and now in my R100/7. I use the fuel treatment to keep tank/carbs/upper end lubed, and also provide cleaners to keep everything clean. My auto, listed at 35 to 36 mpg actually gets a bonafide (sp?) 40 - 42 mpg on trips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmylee View Post
    What is the specified metric ID for the fuel tubing?
    6 mm

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