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Thread: What items have you dodged or hit on your commute?

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    A five gallon empty paint bucket that flew out of the bed of a pickup and started spinning wildly towards me on I-95 while commuting home. It touched my right toe, but fully impacted the right foot peg. Who knew such an object could explode into a million pieces from a 75 mph direct hit? The cars behind me getting out of the way sure did!

    Oh, and the deer. Struck my left saddlebag at 55mph one night just a few miles from the house. A glancing blow, so no harm to either one of us.
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    Down here it is not uncommon the find furniture of all sorts, water heaters, a/c units, tools, ladders, washers or dryers, plywood and other wood pieces, car parts and other assorted junk laying about on the roads.
    You can almost take your pick on what you need to avoid or could hit if you're not paying attention.
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    A battery box off a semi in heavy rain, bounced in front of me and clipped my left fork leg. Snapped on the head off on one of the pinch bolts on my R100GSPD. I was going around 65mph.

    A aluminum ladder that just fell off a truck and was spinning in the middle of the road when I hit it at a perpendicular orientation at ~50 mph. I bounced right over it on my R1150GS.

    One morning I approached a big queue of cars that were stopped on the road. I filtered my way up to the front of the queue to see that a land slide had occurred. It was not that bad, roughly a foot or so deep with trees and shrubs mixed in the mess. I said what the hell, I am on my GS and just powered through the landslide hitting a few tree branches along the way. It was nice on the other side, no traffic the remaining portion of my commute.

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    I live near a lot of marshy areas and this time of year really kicks the snapping turtles into ďgo find a nesting spotĒ mode. On the same stretch of road on my way to work I have dodged a turtle three days in a row.

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    What a great thread! I wish I was perfect all the time....that I always colleges the tires of vehicles in front of me to aviod unseen obstacles the cars might straddle, or that I always gave my self proper following distance, or that I was 100% attentive to road in front of me. Every time I avoid obstacle, I always count my blessings it wasn't one of those times. Scariest for me was probably ladder laying across entire lane in the dark. I hope I never know how bike reacts to that kind of impact at highway speeds.

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    Going west on I 90. A big rig passed us with a piece of 1/2nch wide strapping trailing behind. It was 10 to 12 feet long

    felt end snap hit on my boot.

    That was to close for comfort.

    Got on the CB radio. Driver responded, with a big sorry. Then he pulled over.

    The next rest area, the drive pull in and saw us. He said that was on a small problem he had with that load. As the pallet

    the strap was from spilled all over in the trailer.

    Question did you have one on your bike. I miss mine.


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    Coming around a corner on Rt. 5 in Vermont I had to swerve to miss a goat that was crossing the road. In Maine I nearly whacked a free range chicken. I once had a turkey fly across at head level just in front of me.

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    Didnít dodge it as it was on the side of the road, but one day coming around the corner I saw a peacock on the side of the road.

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    Hit a large raccoon once, when I was riding a Kawasaki Concours.
    Snapped the right foot peg clean off!
    I kept the bike on its wheels, finished my trip using the passenger peg
    and replaced the foot peg when I got home.
    I went looking for the peg and/or the raccoon.
    Didn't find either.
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    Got hit in the face by a June bug.

    Left a welt for a month.

    I also tried to avoid a little rodent thingy one time and still hit it as it ran under the bike.
    Left green spleen fluid all over the pipes.
    Not a pleasant smell.

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    Hit a bird. Guts on the inside of the windscreen.

    I was leaving on a dirt road from Devil's Kitchen last week at night and a black bear and I almost made an acquaintance.
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    Iíve been commuting from SE Houston to West Houston for 14 years, 40 miles each way, every day, so Iíve seen some shtuff; on the interstate...beds, extension ladders, paint, Sheetrock mud, blown tires, dogs, cats, gravel, had a rear bumper fall off of a Camry right in front of me, a naked woman standing on the cab of an 18 wheeler with a news helicopter hovering overhead...
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    3/4 ton or so of one of these,


    I came around a corner in Wyoming and he was standing in the middle of the road. Looked like he was tired and just resting there. I started to hit the brakes then realized I would be stopping right next to him so I downshifted and hit the gas, missed his nose buy a foot. I don't think he even cared that I rolled by.

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    A lit cigarette down the jacket doing 50mph on an interstate bridge. NOT HAPPY. I never smoke! I did stay up right putting it out.

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    I dodged a refrigerator spinning across the right two lanes of the tollway today😯. What the hell is wrong with you people!!!!?
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