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Thread: What items have you dodged or hit on your commute?

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    Going to work in the morning the other day I had a dove fly toward me from some trees. I ducked and got doinked in the top of the helmet. Numerous feathers stuck in my visor when I got to work.

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    On an interstate highway in Buffalo on the way to the Finger Lakes Rally, I had a mattress come off a truck in the other lane, bounce off the roof of a car, get some lift and sail over me........Rod.
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    A flailing deer that had just been hit and the car that hit it. Really happy I keep extra distance between me and other vehicles at 0400. And that there was sufficient shoulder room for me to dodge to to avoid the yard sale of parts that was strewn across both lanes of travel.
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    A couple sheets of foam board housing insulation. It had come off a flatbed semi a few minutes earlier in rush hour traffic on I-40 in the midst of Research Triangle Park. As a result, it had been hit by a number of cars and mostly broken up in to 1-2" pieces that were being blown around the highway by passing vehicles but a few 12" or so pieces remained.

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    I was entering a round-about and there were two large pieces of cardboard boxing in the road right in the area where one would be leaned over for the curve. I avoided them easily as I was the only vehicle in the round-about, but it was rather unexpected.

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    A truck was pulling a large smoker an when he hit a large bump, the top flew open and we were dodging charcoal pans, grates and other pieces. Sorry no meat!

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    Not precisely on topic but closely related. I have some friends who were towing a boat behind their car. They looked out the car window and saw the boat passing them in the adjacent lane.
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    Back in my travelin' days, I was returning home from an RTE-weekend in Eureka Springs, AR. Back then, Hwy 16 down thru So. Central, Tejas wuz lightly traveled by cages and a cruise control set on 75-80 was easily doable with no worries. I rode up and over a slight rise in the road and noticed what I thought was a thick cloud of smoke crossing the road right-to-left at about 4-5 foot height. Large rest area off to the right, so figgered BBQer's at the pits. Visibility thru the smoke and on down the road wasn't bad, so cruise control stayed on.
    Next thing I know, in an instant ole Toad's windshield was covered in *stuff*, upper third of my Nolan shield was too. All I heard was a constant *splatttttterrr* as we rode thru a huge swarm of bees! Holy panic - as I allergy test for serious bee stings! Got stopped in a bit - offed the jacket and helmet and pulled out the allergy pen. Calmed down, as I felt no stings and shield splat survivors were few and dazed. Cleaned up the windshield and helmet; checked the jacket in and out, and back on the road with a short prayer of thanx. And a new respect for *picnic smoke*!!!

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    FYI, if it was a honeybee swarm as it sounds you were in no risk of getting stung. In my experience they are extremely docile during that stage of flight to their new home as they have gorged themselves on honey for the change in locale. Of course not knowing this can lead to the extreme panic and you can never be too careful if allergic. Glad it turned out well for you.

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