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Thread: What items have you dodged or hit on your commute?

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    Over the weekend, I dodged a roll of carpet that was laying across the left lane and the left shoulder. Thankfully it was daytime and low traffic and an easy gentle swerve around it.
    I got close with a tire carcass in the dark later that night.
    2011 R1200RT

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    These stories are what nightmares are made of.

    This guy wasn’t so lucky:
    2013 F700GS

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    I brought my Rockster home on a Saturday and got plates and insurance on Monday. Tuesday morning I hit a deer. Gotta love ABS! Caught her on the left rear hip, the bike went wobble wobble and then kept on going, never went down! I stopped as soon as I could and put on the 4-ways, walked back to get the tip of the front fender out of the middle of the road and went on home. There's a chunk of carbon fifer missing, Some day I hope a hunter finds it embedded in her hip!

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    Critters are pretty common in our part of the world:

    Big Horn Sheep



    Deer aftermath

    We had four buffalo hit a half mile down the road from our place a few elk as well. The buffalo were hit by a car. Two elk strikes were fatal to the riders.
    Kevin Huddy
    The Outpost, Silver City, Montana
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