My brother and I were coming down off a mountain on my favorite local twistie. Running the speed limit as we were entering the valley, he in the lead, we both saw a motor down in the road a little right of center of our lane, rider on the side of the road upright.

My brother was left of center in our lane and passed by this hole in the road that had to be 2'x2' square and 3 feet deep [ like a sink hole opened up ]. I was headed for that hole in the right center of lane when my brother communicated "HOLE" [ I was maybe 4-5 bikes behind him and we're both at 40-45mph ]. Aggressively counter steering, I missed that hole by inches if that.

We pulled over, then turned around to see if that rider was okay [ I have WFR medical training ] and help him get his bike out of the road. The hole was deep, he'd hit it and did an end over end, the front end of the bike mangled. He was completely ATTGAT'd up. He was fine, no broken bones nor road rash [ young buck about 25 ]. We got the bike off the road, and emergency services were called.

We stayed until emergency services were on scene. Fire truck or ambulance threw two cones out in the road to warn other motorists. We got back on the motors and continued on.