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Thread: 1976 BMW R75/6 - Oil Cooler Attachment and Lines

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    1976 BMW R75/6 - Oil Cooler Attachment and Lines

    Good evening,

    Trust everyone is doing well? Weather here in Calgary has done a 180 degree turn and the weather people are calling for +13 degrees C for Saturday. Have to get the sun screen out?

    When I bought the R75/6 it came equipped with an oil cooler which made sense with the Vetter fairing. The fairing is long gone and I keep looking at the cooling radiator and hoses which need not be replaced. I really want the look in the front to be clean but with the cooler hanging out in front, somewhat takes away the look. Was reading another thread about oil coolers and I saw some pictures of a R100R Mystic that had an oil cooler setup and it was attached with a Trim Panel which to me smartens the front right up.

    Several questions:

    1. Can I utilize the setup shown below with a bow/bracket part # 11 42 1 335 763? Question is what does the bow bolt on too? here is the Mystic that I am referring to. Update: was into the shop and saw the bracket where the bow/bracket is to attach to. Sorry for the silly question, my bad.


    2. Here is what it looked like prior to my taking the R75/6 apart including the horn hanging there, which will be repositioned and cleaned up as well.


    3. Is there any way to clean up the metal exposed parts on the oil lines or would it be simpler just to get new lines made up?

    Appreciate your comments and guidance.
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