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Thread: F650GS Front wheel removal

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    Maxcycle, what type of tire were you running that gave you such good longevity? I've been told the original Battle Wing tires will go about 10,000, which is a really decent length, but would be willing to consider another brand if the mileage between changes is better. I mostly do long touring rides, and only bought the GS for the occasional gravel road that pops up by accident. I know many will state that the 700 is not really a touring bike, but I've done several 3000 miles plus on the same displacement engine (but in a cruiser style bike such as the Kawasaki 900) so the smaller bike with an extra gallon of gas in a back-up gas can doesn't bother me a bit.....and she's a lot easier to handle than my previous K1200RS, at about half the weight, fully loaded to the K bike.....I do miss the power of the "K" a little though......

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    Quote Originally Posted by weschmann View Post
    Maxcycle, what type of tire were you running? The original Battle Wing tires will go about 10,000. I know the 700 is not a touring bike
    The tires are the factory bridgestone, not sure the exact model. My explaination for the high mileage is solo riding (270lbs) keeping the tires at 34/40psi, never taking the engine over 4000 rpm unless I'm in high gear on the interstate. The rear still has lots of tread on it. So i'll replace just the front with a Metzeler tourance. I have taken the 650 on long trips. The bike is more than capable of handling me and my gear. But my r12gs is more comfortable.

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