I am just about ready to buy the Siebenrock big bore kit for my R90/6 (Code # 1100072). I was looking at Ted Porter's Beemer Shop website for the top end gasket kit also (Code: TopEndKit70-75Siebenrock) and in bright red letters they say; " Recommend dual plugging heads if using standard base gaskets giving 9.5:1 compression. Low compression base gaskets lower compression to 8.8:1."

I really do not want to go through the expense and the tuning complexity of using dual plugs. Although I would love to have the power of high compression pistons, this bike is going to be used for touring and normal street use. I have always used premium gas in this bike and will continue to do so. My question(s) is/are; does anyone think that dual plugs are REQUIRED if I use the 9.5:1 compression ratio? If I can get away with using a 9.5:1 compression ratio and single plugs, what sort of precautions or tunings should I use? Can I double up on base gaskets (or variable thickness material) giving me a compression ratio in between? Is 9.5:1 going to simply create too many complexities and variables to where I should just save myself a headache and go 8.8:1?

I had a similar situation with a Honda CB750/850 I built last year. I used high compression pistons and although it is now ride-able it took months of aggravation to tune and it still pings somewhat during low rpms/high load situations. I don't mind some fine tuning here and there but I do not want to spend a boat load of money just to have to take it apart again and again to get it right.