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Thread: 1976 R75/6 Head Light Bucket Wires?

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    1976 R75/6 Head Light Bucket Wires?

    Good evening,

    Of all the things that confuse the H#*l out of me is wiring, but not with the BMW that I am currently working on. Thanks to the technical stuff regarding wiring on this board it was easy.

    Now comes the kicker: After everything was put into place, checked and double checked I see that I have two wires left over. God I hate that! I have the old wiring board below and I cannot find the colour marking that is Green/Red that is supposed to go Spare 54. This is for the foot brake light switch. Also there is a black wire that after looking at the wiring diagram, beets me where it goes.

    The old board.

    Two wires that I am confused about, because I have no idea where they are to be attached to!
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