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Thread: Cylinder honing

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    IMHO best thing to do to a '77 is convert to Nikasil.

    I ran my '84 for 20+ years and some 70K miles and never really needed to look at the dipstick. You couldn't say that with iron liners.
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    1982 R100RT cylinder none

    Here is one of the after pictures of one of the cylinders I honed. They are nikasil, 58k miles. I used a flex hone, 240 grit, aluminum oxide. It has 8 passes through (4 cycles). I chucked the hone in a lathe, measured the rpm (210) and calculated my axial speed (17 inches/sec) for a 45 degree cross hatch. I think they look pretty good. I know that a lot of folks cautioned me against doing this but i felt confident that i would do no harm. It actually looks like i could do more because there are still some polished areas, but I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.
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    Cast iron cylinders

    Back when I was doing heads and cylinders, I gotta call from one of my customers about the longevity of the work I was doing on his heads and cylinders. I told him probably 75,000 miles as a guess. Is that all he asked. I asked how many miles he rode the bike a year. He replied maybe 5000 a year max. I told him to start worrying about it 15 years.

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