Proper plugging, reaming, cleaning, the right cement and a burning the end of the plug with a torch is an effective repair. I've never had a plug blow-out. What I have seen is the cords/belts become damaged during the reaming process. Add some heat from use and then cord/belt separation which migrates to the sidewall.

I had an experience with a 10,000 lb service truck. I plugged it while I caught a nail on a call. It was a very hot day. Less than 100 miles later, the tire exploded. When it let go, other than the pucker factor, it blew a hole in the front fender of the truck. While changing the tire, tread intact, sidewall blown out, I noticed my plug was still there and looking like a mother spider on her web.

Patches might not be a lot better but a practice that I have never had or heard of negative experiences. Plug repairs seem to come with stories.

Please choose your choice of repair based on whether you want you family to count on it.