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Thread: Changing Gears - Options

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    Changing Gears - Options

    I recently bought a BMW Scooter and so far I am very happy with it.

    One of the reasons for choosing the scooter was the gear changing hassles with the previous bike (R850 R)
    It was not the bike, but the state of my feet causing the problem.
    They are getting old and with a slight touch of diabetes, they are not as flexible as they once were :>(

    With riding boots on, I was having slight problems bending my foot enough to get my toes under the gear lever.
    Changing up and down was a hassle, especially so for example, when looking for neutral

    Hence the C650GT Scooter. No footwork needed at all!
    Nice, but not the ultimate in performance and I am bit reluctant to consider long tours.

    Question is, besides the old heel-toe gear changing levers (now totally redundant?) is there anything in the market place that would help one to change gears? (Assuming I went back to conventional BMW's eg the forthcoming R-nine-T)
    I am imagining that a horseshoe shaped gear lever (mounted sideways) with the top piece being a lot shorter than the bottom piece, could perhaps work?
    Picture a coat hook mounted upside down on the side of a conventional gear lever?
    Or something you could press the inside of your foot against, with enough side friction available to be able to change up.

    Nothing to drastic so as to get your foot hung up in, obviously.


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    Actually Mike, I think you hit on the right approach with your mention of heel-toe shifting. I enjoyed that feature on several of my personal bikes, as well as the H-D RoadKings I rode for 7 years as a motor officer.

    Utilizing the entire weight and strength of your leg for all up-shifting via depressing the heel, and the entire leg/toe when pressing downward to lower gears should be fairly comfortable even to a victim of diabetes or any other significant neuropathy of the legs.

    That said, your choice of a scooter is most appropriate as well.

    Enjoy it!
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    I wouldn't discount the scooter

    My buddy and his wife took a 10,000 mile trip this summer. He on his GSA, her on her scooter. She had no problem keeping up and it got good gas gas mileage, and there were even days that they took it rather than the GSA two-up as it was easier to park.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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