Heads up, if you own one of these detectors and receive a message on the screen that says "Reset Power" your detector will no longer function even if you reset the power and the message goes away.

When you get this message they tell you first to use the Update Tool under Advanced Options and Upgrade All, this should re-flash the firmware. If you do that and the message goes away you are all set. However if the "power Reset" message comes back you have a brick! You can either trade it in on a Passport Max or spend $99 to have it serviced. Mine is 2 years old and the message appeared after I went to a new firmware release. I am a 30 year long customer of Escort and date back to the big aluminum brick with the analog meter and incandescent alert lamp. At the moment I am not too happy as I spent $500 on the 9500ix 2 years ago. 2 years is a short lifespan even for a PC and most of my other Escorts have lasted much longer. They are not what they used to be.