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Thread: Ohio Superslab alternatives

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    Satellite or street view in Google Maps will let you count lanes, traffic lights, tar snakes and potholes.
    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeK1200RS View Post
    224 through Ohio is two lanes with few the Akron area. It will take you through a lot of small towns. As you progress west it becomes flatter and straighter

    When you get to Findlay you will travel through what used to be known as the Black Swamp before the farmers drained the land. The Black Swamp covered a large part of NW Ohio. No swamp today, but a huge wind farm by Van Wert, Ohio

    When the interstates were under heavy construction, 224 was one of the roads I would take.

    In Indiana it eventually becomes US 24 and continues west until Peoria, Illinois....from there it goes Southwest. It is a two lane road through farmland.

    If you stay on it long enough it takes you through Mark Twain's home town in Hannibal, Missouri.

    Unless I am in a hurry to reach a destination, I take this kind of road to make the trips more interesting. When I get lost, it makes it more interesting!
    Thank you both for your help! Sounds like a good northern route to take across.
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    US24-and from there on to my "Motherland"-KS!
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    Where is your next westward destination after Ohio and how fast are you trying to get there? If you like turns, Ohio roads get more enjoyable the farther South you go and get more boring the farther West you go. Roughly translated, you are getting off the interstate when I'd be thinking of getting on. Then again, I-80 can be fun through PA...

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