I also have a related thread in "campfire," ( titled 'MY canada w/question at end') which explains my situ in more detail, but here's my Q for you western staters and Hockey fans:

If you were considering shipping your bike from Chicago to any of the following cities; Fresno, Boise, Vancouver,BC, Edmonton, or Calgary, to which dealer would you ship based on helpfulness, courtesy, willingness to be generally helpful to someone who's not likely to ever be a big$ customer?

Here's another: If instead I manage to sell my R11RT before I leave Chicago in March, and fly into any of those cities...I'll travel to each in turn, where would you look for a reliable used Jap bike ...ok. or maybe an airhead, to ride thru the Canadian Rockies thru the summer and early fall?

Riding from Chicago to anywhere out there is out of the question. I must first fly to San Antonio and then must fly to Fresno.

Go ahead, opine!