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Thread: F800GS Vario Top Case Problems

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    F800GS Vario Top Case Problems

    I see that many riders have had problems with the F800GS Vario Top Case. Problem seems to be that the case is very difficult to expand or collapse. I have completely disassembled mine and found no broken or misaligned parts. I cleaned it well and reassembled it and found that it was still stuck tight. I disassembled it again and tried applying a thin lubricant to the rubber gasket that seals the gap between the top and bottom parts of the case. Even then it was very difficult to operate and I fear breaking it if I try to force it. It's winter and I believe that the plastic cases have contracted making the fit much too tight. My next step would be to remove the rubber gasket and simply use a liner to keep items dry if any small amounts of water were to penetrate the case. Until then the case will remain in the expanded position. I store my helmet in the case and actually have no reason to collapse it.

    I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts about a permanent fix for the Vario Top Case. Returning it to the dealer for warranty is still possible, but would it be worth it, or would any replacement case be just as bad as the first. I think it's a faulty design issue anyway.
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