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Thread: Rear Brake Pedal - 1982 R100RS

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    Rear Brake Pedal - 1982 R100RS

    I just replaced an loud but stylish Luftmiester 2 into 1 exhaust system with a quieter Keihan system. The Keihan looks great, the sound is much more civilized and the fit is generally excellent, HOWEVER I have a conflict with the brake pedal. The inside curve of the pedal rubs against the pipe enough that the brake light stays on. I am far from the original owner and would not be surprised if the bike had fallen over on the right side. There is has been no indication of a crash that might bend the brake pedal, the bodywork fits well, and no repairs were noted during the repaint and the pedal itself looks to be undamaged.

    Has anyone else had this issue. It looks like removing about 1/8" of material from the inside curve of the pedal would fix the issue, but I am not real enthusiastic about hogging out that piece.

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    I had a similar problem installing a Mac exhaust on a /5. I solved it with a long bar inserted into the header to adjust the fit with leverage. Imagine the picture of me sitting on the garage floor with my feet on the final drive pulling on the end of a thick chunk of steel.

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    So I guess that the issue is routing or size of the new exhaust pipe. Of course, the pedal clears the stock exhaust by a wide margin.

    When you look straight down at the rear brake pedal, does it point exactly due "north"? Just wondered if maybe the pedal was bent in slightly.
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    Hi, see if the passenger mounting lug is bent in, I had this a lot when the wife rode with me, while climbing on and off the left lug would bend in enough to touch the swing arm on high lift,it was easily bent back with a long tube, hope this assists ,Jimmy
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    Interested in parting with that Luftmeister system?

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