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Thread: Will anyone be sewing patches on

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    Question Will anyone be sewing patches on

    I thought I saw a table set up last year and people (volunteers?) sewing rally patches onto whatever. Is anyone going to be doing the same this year?

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    If they are, then I'll need to re-arrange my packing for the rally as I have several things I need added to several garments - the 'stitch, the "leathers", Vanson Textile, and Vanson Leather. And I was just gonna wear a jacket up 'cause its such a short ride! Well, if anyone knows for sure, please post so I can plan accordingly.

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    We couldn't find anybody to handle a "sewing booth committee" this year, but there may be some vendors who might be able to handle sewing things on your leathers.

    There are also commercial tailors in Charleston who could sew things on for you if no one in your town can manage the task.
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    Yes, there is a sewing booth

    Please note this thread was started in 2003.

    For the 2010 4R Rally in Redmond YES there will be a sewing booth.
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