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Thread: 3/4 length mesh jacket suitable for hot weather... suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemer01 View Post
    As if i need more gear....

    But for summer months I'd like to get a 3/4 length mesh or at least very well vented jacket with armor etc. Any suggestions on brands I should consider? I have several Aerostich outfits which rock for cold to cool weather riding, but are just too hot when the temps get above 80F.
    I like my Tourmaster. I think it's the Intake 2.0, but it's definitely a Tourmaster. It has CE armor in the elbows and shoulders, and a decent back protector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by herr_eugen View Post
    Flows enough air in central Maine??? Isn't that where you have 2 seasons, 11 months of winter and the 4th of July?

    Sorry... couldn't resist
    Hehehehehe, tis true. I have the Ultra 2 jacket in cordura. Even with the armor in its amazing how much air the jacket will pass keeps me as comfortable as can be expected in temps to upper 80's, the water/windproof liner stays in during spring and fall. I lived in South Mississippi for a time, locals got quite a chuckle out of me, riding motorcycle all through the winter and using the car a few hot weeks in august.
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    3/4 length jacket

    So, we have not heard from Beemer01 on which Motoport jacket he purchased, since that seemed to be the most preferred jacket of those responding to his original request.
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