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Thread: Looking for a reputable personal injury lawyer in the Seattle area

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    Looking for a reputable personal injury lawyer in the Seattle area

    I am looking for a personal injury lawyer that is not out for the quick settlement (fast buck) in the Seattle area.
    I was out on new year's day for a leisurely ride to charge up my battery when in a 25 mph zone a driver pulled out at the last possible instant to where I would t-bone them otherwise they would have t-boned me. I had NO time to hit the brakes. In the end I was catapulted over the handlebars and on to the pavement past the car. I totaled my beautiful 2005 R1200GS (snapped one front fork and the mast head at the top). My guess is that they were texting at their stop sign and then took off without looking. I did not have a stop sign. My gear saved me! I have a broken left wrist and a broken right thumb not to mention the intense pain in my back from being hurled through the air to land on concrete. Guess what I do for a living? I sit in a chair and write software on a computer. I need my back and my hands!
    Please email me at if you have any experience with a simular situation and have advice or know of a good personal injury lawyer in the Seattle area.

    Dave Armour
    Kirkland, WA

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    If no one specific is suggested, you might want to check out attorneys who advocate for injured cyclists. Lots of similarities.

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    Best ones are the ones that do not advertise, and have been around for years, and have multiple lawyers. They grew for a reason, and the fact that they didn't advertise, it has to be word of mouth, not slick marketing. I use the same philosophy for car dealers and other businesses.

    Do a quick search, there are rating agencies that list statistics of firms.

    That said, settling with a fair deal is better than rolling the dice at a trial sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pffog View Post has to be word of mouth, not slick marketing.
    +1, but the best way to find a reputable p.i . lawyer is to get a referral from your regular lawyer. If they offer to handle the file, be firm, and tell them you want a lawyer who does exclusively p.i. work.

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