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Morning Jim,

Appreciated your comments and I agree with going from a single disc brake to a double setup.

One question came up from your comments: I have found the performance of the Brembo calipers are a nice step up from the ATE's. This I agree with, but because of the lower tubes being designed to accept the ATE calipers, would you have to change these out in order for the Brembo's to be able to attached? Similar to what came on say a later R100RT?
Hi Rick,
Yes, to do the conversion to the Brembo calipers, you would need to change the front forks as the sliders were completely different (I'd probably select them from a '81-'84 model RT or RS). I don't think the brakes have substantially more power, but they do have less drag. I think the forks have better action overall as well. I rebuilt the forks and ATE calipers on the /7 when I did the dual disc conversion, and really like the performance overall. However, I think the later front end is a better functioning design. No complaints about the /7 though- I really enjoy it and prefer to ride it most days (for 25 years now...).