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    Rally Vendor

    I picked up 2 pieces of literature at the indoor vendor area this weekend....just 2 (a record for me - low end).

    One was from a guy who published his own book based on his collection of antique motorcycle postcards. He also had a number of antique MC posters, etc.

    Unfortunately, I left both pieces of lit in the pocket of my shorts and they got washed.

    Did anyone else pick something up on this guy, or know where I can find a list of rally vendors?

    Thanx, great rally, had a good time.

    Rick - Kanku - 'to view the sky' '01 R1100RT

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    The guy you want to contact is at

    He had a great collection of stuff, and I was pretty interested in them also.
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    Great book! Jerry hit me up at Vintage Motorcycle Days last year and was so charming that I could not refuse him! As I was riding 2 up and packed to the gills, he offerred to ship it home to me so I would not risk damaging the book. One week later it was on my door step. He never even charged me shipping! What a nice man. I want to be him, if and when I ever grow up!

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