So...Barley and I have a very nice route picked out for the trip from Vermont to the rally in St Paul, but need some feedback on Day One of the return trip. We need to get from St Paul to the ferry landing in Manitowoc. On the map, it looks like the most direct route would be to drop down to Wisconsin 10 and take it all the way. The western half of that corridor looks like it has a lot of curves in the hills, with plenty of back roads and lettered roads roughly paralleling route 10. None are marked scenic on my maps, and there aren't many ride reports in that neck of the woods, but I'd much prefer farm country to a big highway. Any suggestions?

We'd be laying up for the night in Manitowoc and the ferry doesn't depart till 2pm the following day, so we would have an entire day to cross the state avoiding big cities.


Pete and Barley