Last winter I purchased a pair of Gerbing heated pants to go with my heated jacket. I used Gerbing's sizing chart to order my size, but when they arrived they were way too tight across the crotch. Now I realize that heated gear is supposed to be snug, but this was ridiculous, and I'm a very standard 5'10" 175 lbs. Revzilla took them back, but the next size up was out of stock until summer. By then, heated gear was the furthest thing from my mind. I just re-ordered the next size up, M-R, but what arrived were huge! To get the inseam to fit properly, I have to hike them up to my sternum, like a pair of waders! What's the deal with Gerbing's sizing? Nothing really seems to fit right.

I've also had problems with wire and plug failure. I just got the jacket back from having the main plug repaired. Not, after using it only a couple of times, the glove input plug failed. Seems like a weak spot to me, and perhaps they should be using a heaver duty wire.

Has anyone tried the heated gear that Cycle Gear Sells. Their heated pants are much less expensive than Gerbing, and though I've never used them, the pair I tried on in the store fit great. I'm thinking of sending these Gerbing pants back and getting the Cycle Gear pair, but would be curious to hear any first hand opinions.