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Thread: About had it with Gerbing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I have a W&S controller on a Gerbing jacket liner. I have used it also on a W&S liner. Before it shot craps we had a Gerbing controller on a W&S liner.

    So, my conclusion is yes - they will work with each other.
    Good information! Is your Gerbing liner one of the new ones? Which liner do you prefer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I feel your pain - been there with similar problems. Now, if I buy riding gear of any kind - helmets, jackets, riding pants, heated stuff, boots - I buy it at a dealership where I can try it on, be sure it fits, and am sure it is what I want.

    I live 53 miles from the nearest town, about 250 miles from the nearest motorcycle dealership of any sort, and it is at least 250 miles to El Paso and 400 miles to Austin to a BMW dealership. We mail order lots of things but riding gear is not among that. It is too important, and the aggravation of getting, returning, getting, returning, ad naseum is too great.

    The exception is Aerostich but only because I have been to Duluth, they have measured me, and I know exactly what size Roadcrafter I take.
    Regarding mail order, I have to say, Revzilla really came through. They issued a mailing label and paid for the return shipping. I ended up buying the Cycle Gear "Hot Wire" pants which fit great and were a lot cheaper. They seem to heat about as well.

    The jacket liner went back to Gerbing. They said they are now using a round wire instead of the flat lamp-cord and agreed to replace all the wires on my jacket.

    While all this was going on, I realized that one of the channels of my dual controller was putting out 100% even when off. I wonder if the shorted glove wire didn't somehow harm it. They said they're going to fix it too, but it was a pain, because it's permanently mounted on the bike and was damaged in its removal. We'll see if they come through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlarry View Post
    My old Gerbing liner was not providing power to my right glove; so I ordered a new liner. First day wearing it (32 degrees), it provided very uneven heat to the point my shoulders were very cold, I turned it up to try to warm my shoulders and ended up with a SEVERE burn to my stomach! Been 2 weeks and still hurts a lot!

    I will wait until after winter to send the old liner in for repair. With the heated grips I am ok down to about 40 degrees.

    I bought a Gerbings jacket and temp controller a couple of years ago with the newer micro wire wiring system. About 3 weeks after purchase, I was using it on a two hour ride on a fairly cold day
    that required a lot of heat to keep warm. I noticed that the jacket was getting extremely hot and didn't cool off when I turned the controller down. When I pulled to a stop to check things out, I discovered that I could not disconnect the controller connection from where it plugged into the jacket. It had gotten so hot that the plug had melted into the jacket connection. Fortunately,no burn to me.

    This was completely repaired by Gerbings under warranty, and I have not had any problems since.

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    Talking to Mike at Warm n Safe, although he manufactures and sells liners with the microwire technology, he recommends staying with the older standard wire technology...
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    About had it with Gerbing!

    Have had and used Gerbing for years. Never had a problem. Always works great.
    This is the type of gear and expense I would not be buying over the internet or the phone. Go and they them on. Only way to really see and feel how they are going to fit you. And because used somewhat as a layer even more reason to try on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nytrashman View Post
    Warm and Safe.....nuff said
    Warm and Safe.

    You will be challenged to find best customer service anywhere.

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    W&S gets my vote. I have the remote controller. Warm&Safe will also take in a trade. I had a Widder vest that they took in as a trade. Great liner and the service was good also.

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    You can interchange any brand of heated gear as long as connectors work. Most new stuff is coax, older stuff can be SAE.

    Remember that Gerbings sourced from China for years and got into trouble with poor quality and inability to manage the logistics trail. Moved to NC and got bought, refinanced a couple years ago. New stuff should be OK. The old China inventory should be flushed through the system by now (its sizing was bizarre- labelled by metric methods but not even accurate to those). However, they were still not able to supply well- they had insufficient inventory at the start of this years primary sales season according to some dealers who couldn't get what they wanted. But that should correct itself by the 2014 selling season for their gear.

    I've got an old Gordon Gerbings jackets that works fine but I've mothballed my old Gerbings controller and replaced it with the WarmNSafe remote- which now uses AAA batts instead of the 2032 batt of the original. I also have the WarmNSafe jacket which I prefer- it has a nifty pocket for holding the remote controller receiver module and better cord handling than my older Gerbings. Don't own a microwire but it should work well.

    Any of the gear for which WarmNSafe is the OEM should also be good stuff..

    Jackets are always better than vests- the heated sleeves help keep your hands warm by avoiding heat loss in your arms

    Get a dual controller to allow gloves to be set independently- otherwise you'll not like the balance between gloves and jacket on a single. Only gets to low 20s here and at those temps there is no need for heated pants or soles assuming you have decent insulated riding pants (mine are RevIt).

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    I've used a Tourmaster Synergy jacket liner for a couple of years and been very happy with it. The controller is a bit crude and tends to fall off your leg, but the heat at position 1 is warm, at 2 is hot and at 3 your blood starts boiling! It plugs straight into my R1200RT's socket with not problems, and it was cheap. The connector wire started to rip out of the jcket after I'd tried to walk away while plugged in once too often, but a couple of stitches fixed it. I don't know about their pants but I'd cerrtainly recommend the jacket.

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