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    just "inherited" a 1995 R1100RS with 37,000 miles and in good shape however it has sat for 3 years according to the maintenace records - has new fuel pump, alternator and diode just removed and checked out - according to former owner it starts and runs for 40 seconds then shuts off and will not restart enough - i do not have access to hook up to computer - any ideas out there

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    If there is no evidence of any preventative maintenance done before it was parked for 3 years you are in for some work. By maintenance I mean draining the tank and/or flushing the fuel system. I would begin by pulling the tank, replacing the fuel filter and all fuel and drain lines inside and outside the tank if these are original. I would pull the injectors and send them out to be flushed and cleaned if that is still possible after 3 years of sitting. At that point assuming the fuel pump is OK it might run again. The fact that it starts and dies after 40 seconds is highly indicative of a fuel blockage.

    Before you do any of this you can simply pull the injectors out one at a time and using a coffee can see if they even spray fuel at all, what the spray pattern is like if any and go from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDWARDRITTI View Post
    ...according to former owner it starts and runs for 40 seconds then shuts off and will not restart enough
    Since it's your bike now, I would gather your own information and make your own opinion... then describe it to us in your own words.
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    my approach to these is spend little money until you are able to decide part out or fix.

    I would pull out both plugs, if they are not rusted then I would put a teaspoon on oil in each cylinder and crank thru by hand.

    The tank needs to come out and be cleaned. The hoses need inspected and probably replaced.

    Try to charge the battery,Yes, you will want to change it but if you can avoid spending that money it is good

    I would take out the injectors one side at a time and with the end of the fuel line open and directed to a can, cycle the fuel pump a few times to rge the old gas. Then I would put them all back and try to start at.

    Once you fix what ever caused it to be put in storage and any other issues, then you can decide to get it ready to ride buy changing all fluids, new tires, new battery, Not until you have it running though


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    If you did not install the fuel pump

    I would look there first after you have checked the obvious. Try jumping the side stand switch. Look for loose or broken wire connectors. Take a real good look at the fuel pump/sending unit connector as this was the culprit in my hunt for a Gremlin. Before you remove the gas tank make sure the last guy that did it connected the fuel lines correctly, just try switching them and then starting the bike. Then remove the tank and get in there and check to make sure the pump is the right one, filter was changed with the pump, correct filter was used and installed correctly and make sure the fuel lines inside are good and connected correctly. If it all looks good with the obvious stuff you may have to dig out the multimeter and start checking the expensive stuff like the coils and Hall effect sender. Enjoy the challenge and don't give up to quickly.

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    what anton said.
    the only thing you can assume is true is that, after 3 years sitting, any gas in the system is crap. after that, who knows? you could do a bunch of preventative repair as suggested by several above, but knowing what is actually going on would be the best place to start.
    Drain gas, charge battery, try to fire it up, go from there in diagnosing and trouble-shooting.
    Get back to us when you have a more thorough idea of actual symptoms.
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    Give me a couple of weeks to sort thru some of these items then I will let you know my progress - thanks for you help - it is too good a bike to give up - again thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDWARDRITTI View Post
    Give me a couple of weeks to sort thru some of these items then I will let you know my progress - thanks for you help - it is too good a bike to give up - again thanks
    Hang in there, it is too good a bike to give up!

    Even if it's NOT an S bike!

    Good luck!!!
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    Fuel and fuel pressure is my guess.
    Report back your observations when you have the chance.
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