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Thread: another mc communication option

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    another mc communication option

    Poking around and pondering the connectivity of different communication systems.

    Came across what looks like might be a promising set up, certainly way better range...

    anyone try this type of set up? Pros/cons?


    Motorola Waterproof GMRS 2-Way Radio (MS560CR) - Yellow

    paired with this
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    I just bought a pair of the Motorola radios (similar to this if not the same) and coupled it with an Autocom system...not Bluetooth. Limited trials so far indicates it works well enough. Haven't tried it under actual motorcycling conditions to get a sense for the range, sensitivity, etc. Likely, the settings on the radio might need to be tweaked a bit.
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    That setup works very well with the SR10. I've had mine for a couple years now and it's no problem with Motorola FRS, Midland FRS/CB, and Kenwood ham radios. I use the Sena SMH10 headset paired with it. People tell me my transmissions are clear with very little wind/motor noise even at 70 mph. No cons to speak of.

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