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Thread: Recall of R bikes

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    Recall of R bikes

    Transport Canada has issued this:

    I gather the US DOT is looking at it too.
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    This was discussed to some length here:

    / mod hat on /

    Note that the above thread had to be closed because the discussion drifted well off topic. The original poster of that thread wanted to make people think of things like:

    - What is the underlying problem causing the recall?
    - Does the recall really address the problem or not?
    - What have people who have experienced the issue done?
    - What could someone who has not be in for service do to avoid at best or to be vigilant for it?

    So, if things are to continue here, please keep to the point and discuss the specifics of the recall.


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    Kurt: I just read this thread again and I am sorry, nowhere can I see the OP asking these questions. What am I missing?

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    The questions were asked in an inelegant final post that was deleted at request.

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