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Thread: Considering a Ride to Prudhoe Bay?

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    Over on ADV Rider's Alaska forum there is a new thread titled "Haul Road Primer" ( It is being written by Jack (ALCAN Rider) Gustafson. Jack has lived and ridden in Alaska for over 50 years and has probably been up and down the haul road on a motorcycle more than any other person. His thread attempts to provide the novice haul road rider the information needed to make the ride safe and as fun as possible. Jack uses his considerable wit, excellent photographic skills and substantial knowledge of the history of the road and local areas to make the thread good reading. This new thread is in addition to Jack's previous "Alaska Primer" thread ( which offers a broader look at riding in Alaska. The best part is you can ask Jack just about any question and he'll provide his thoughts on the topic. Jack is living off the grid these days, so his response may take some time.
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    Thanks. Those links lead to some great posts. I've never been to Alaska, but that time is coming!

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    Thanks for the links.
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