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Thread: XM Satellite Antenna Mounting

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    XM Satellite Antenna Mounting

    This past Spring I installed a Garmin Zumo 665 with XM Satellite receiver on my '12 R1200GS. I've been disappointed with the satellite reception. So far I've tried two temporary mounting locations for the XM puck style antenna and haven't noticed an improvement. First, I mounted on the front side of the instrument/windscreen mount. Next I simply set the antenna on top of the rear luggage rack (not a location where I want to keep the antenna but I thought I'd get fantastic reception here). My point of comparison is my car. I have Sirius/XM in the car with factory roof antenna. I never loose reception in the car in overcast conditions or in the local mountains. Any suggestions? -- Tony

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    I use this with my 550. No problems, reception is very good.

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    Mounted my antenna to the top of the BMW top box. Worked fine.

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    Any suggestions? -- Tony
    Give Garmin a call. Maybe you have a bad antenna.
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    I had one of the radio and antenna mounts that screw on to the clutch master cylinder lid. It placed the antenna right in view of the he sky and I obstructed and far enough away from other electronics so as not to perhaps interfere with the signal quality. I had it on there for about three years and the only problem I ever had that sounds like you describe was when my antenna started to fail.

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    I've done a receiver puck on the top box with the 550 and in the tank bag with the 665. Tank bag actually works better, but the 665 is a newer model receiver.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll pursue the possible defective antenna angle. -- Tony

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    The Garmin Puck MUST be located no less than six inches away from head unit! It will fade in and out if it is too close!

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    Zumo 665 on 09 RT

    I have had my antenna mounted on the shelf under the rear rack for the last two seasons. It sits directly under the large gap in the rack with full view of the sky. I have the large 49 liter top box on for trips and have never experienced signal issues. I depend on nav weather and traffic and have never found a need to make it more visible.

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