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Thread: GPS,music,helmet to helmet communication questions.

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    GPS,music,helmet to helmet communication questions.

    This started out simple and is getting more complicated as we go. We just got a new to us 2012 R1200RT and plan on doing several 2 up long trips. Currently we have the sound system that came with the bike which is O.K for me but my wife can't hear it over 30MPH. I plan on using Pandora with my Droid phone which we have done and and played through the stock speakers. We need music for her and thought Tork Speakers and a MP3 would work fine. Now we plan on getting a Nav 5 GPS unit installed in a few weeks and started thinking about using the features it has and going bluetooth. I have never had a bike GPS, sound system or helmet to helmet communication before. I have put 100,000 miles on our K75S with just a tankbag and maps. Soooo can we get a system where she can listen to her own music, we can talk when needed, I can listen to Pandora on the bike system with a new Blue tooth. Can I control the GPS with the thumbwheel on the bike? Not really interested in phone calls or text messages info or voice commands for GPS. I know I am all over the place with this but just not sure which direction to head or who to contact. Thanks.

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    Go check out
    Lots of options there. Also detailed threads on this sit on Sena Bluetooth options. Just use search facility.
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    Not an expert but.......I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night

    Modern bluetooth allows for multiple simultaneous connections. Depending upon the number of connections allowed (usually 2-4) you can pair your bluetooth headset in your helmet with either your android phone and her helmet, or pair your android with your navigation and then pair your navigation to your bluetooth headset and listen to pandora either way. If you pair through your navigation you'll still hear your turn by turn directions through your headset. You will also be able to pair your helmet with hers and will be able to communicate with each other up to about 100 meters apart.

    She can then pair her helmet with yours and whichever mp3 device (must be bluetooth) to her helmet. She can then listen to her music and also communicate with you.

    Hope this helps.

    I know there have been several discussions regarding Sena bluetooth communicators vs. BMW. The BMW system is more expensive (imagine that) but gives you full use the the magic wonder wheel which I understand your bike to have.

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