Two firsts today. Went for a short ride today to get the new off my PR4s and to try out my new seat from Bill Mayer seats. Buying the tires were easy, the seat I gnashed my teeth over for 6 months. I finally made a decision 3 weeks ago and filled out the order form on his website, had a friend help me take all the photos, weighed myself with all my gear, yikes, and headed for the UPS store with my OEM seat on a Friday. It had to go from FL to CA so they received it the following Friday. On the next Thursday it was on a truck back to me. Yesterday I put the front wheel back on and went for ~100 miles today.

There is nothing like the feel of a new set of tires! The seat is so much better for me than stock and I'm sure it will get better as I break it in. Two great purchases this month. Hello North Carolina, can hardly stand the wait.