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Thread: Tires for 2013 R1200RT?

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    I personally keep the front at 38-39 to prevent cupping and wear on the sides.

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    Avon Tyres?

    Has anyone tried Avon Tyres on their RT? I had a '99RT and switched to Avon's?What a difference!!! After the switch, my bike handled absolutely effortlessly. When time comes for new tires on my '13RT, I am going to give them another shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcwalker1 View Post
    Has anyone tried Avon Tyres on their RT? I had a '99RT and switched to Avon's?What a difference!!! After the switch, my bike handled absolutely effortlessly. When time comes for new tires on my '13RT, I am going to give them another shot.

    Are you still running the Bridgestone that came on the bike? They were ok until they wore out but the new PR3's really felt so much better. Because I was new to the RT I am not sure I can evaluate the Bridgestone's when new. It will be interesting to hear how you like the Avon's.

    It seems the vast majority who have a lot more BMW experience than me choose the PR3's.
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    Pirelli Angel GT on 2011 RT

    I've used PR3s since the OEM tires wore out. 57,000 km on the bike and I thought I'd try the Angel GTs. Only about 150 km on them and I'm convinced I made the right choice. No tendency to squirm like the PR3s. Time will tell on the mileage, but the bike handles better in twisties and big lean angles with the new GTs.

    Now, some several hundred km on this rubber. I'm a convert.
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    I guess I'm a rare fan of the Metzeler Z8 on my 09 R1200RT. I have about 9k on the current set and the rear looks to have at least 2k left in it. Front has quite a bit left. I put them on before my trip to Salem, OR last summer. Plenty of abrasive pavement and heat on that trip too. I run 36f-42r pressure.

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    My 23 month old 2012 R1200RT has about 1K left on the rear PR3 after about 11k so far on it. The bike has 53K on it and I have ran nothing but PR3's, consistently get about 12K on the rear and plenty more on the front although I usually change them out at the same time. I think I'll try the PR4 GT this time around. I need a tire sponsor, any volunteers?

    Quote Originally Posted by NATHANMONK View Post
    My ride is a R1200RT model year 13. I am having my 3rd set of tires, these will be PR4's, installed tomorrow. I have just put on slightly over 13500 on the bike. So, needless to say, I am not a happy camper with the Bridgestones that came with it or the Metzler Z8's put on in May of 2012. Now, the manual calls for I believe 36psi front and 38psi back. The dealer says 40. Correct me if I am wrong, but having installed tires on automobiles back in college, and yes I know bike tires are a different animal, if you over inflate a tire does it not cause the center bead of the tire to wear more quickly and underinflating causes the outer portion of the tire to wear more quickly?

    Also, the service manager says BMW calls for valves to be checked every 6k? But, my manual says after 12k they should be checked every 12k! So, what is the deal? It appears to me they are just trying to "pay their mechanics."
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    I went through the original stock Metzler Z8's on my 1200RT in 9,000 miles. I replaced them with the P3's and I swore I was on a different bike before I even got out of the dealership. Beside all of the other improvements already noted in previous posts, the biggest improvement I found with the Michelins was turning negotiating parking lots etc.

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    I like the P3 but they wear with 3 flats (45* 90* 45*) by five thousand miles. at that point they get very loud. I keep the pressure near 38/45lbs. They then drop into the corners like the bike has power steering.

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