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Thread: Patagonia in 2015

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    Patagonia in 2015

    We are beginning the planning for a patagonia trip in 2015. We ride two up on a GS right now and have ridden lots of the U.S. Canada both paved and dirt. I have never ridden in south america and i am looking for any guidance offered. I need to state...we cannot afford a $15-20K trip for the two of us...are there options for us? Self guided looks doable, but again no experience at it.

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    Best advice you'll get-
    You need to read "a lot"! on : ADV-"trip planning-Americas" & at the same time be on Horizons Unlimited.Both have their advantages. Perhaps read some Ride Reports & glean some info on routes,etc.. Then you'll have far more info. than here as that's where people are talking your subject everyday.Some of them are in those countries now traveling,some live there. With those visits you can find your bikes transportation , talk to people that have been there or are going back or for 1st time,like you. Also the spot you can look to for assistance from MC community living in those countries, native & expats & for logistics help or other trip "issues" if they come about.
    I post here on MOA occasionally about foreign MC travel but not much ever happens. Look in my post r.e., Nicaragua travel below yours from 12/14-it has a few views and zero replies. No, I'm not complaining about "here" but saying that on the forums above there are several ongoing conversations about the same subject. Dive in.
    As for costs, you're experienced MC travelers & simply put the only part of a SA trip that's above & beyond riding in the lower 48 is moving you & the machine that far south(and back!), then throw in some "Insure MY Trip" costs. Food,lodging,gasoline etc., are all mostly less than here in USA. Lots of poor working stiffs go down there & ride all winter on what they were able to earn in a summer up here. Much depends on your style of travel when lodging/food is involved. If you stop where the fancy cars are parked , expect mucho prices anywhere.
    You say "Patagonia trip"-are you saying you want to ride there only, as in fly a bike & yourselves all that way then back home or saying a SA trip that starts there & ends where? From here on out get way more specific to get specific answers.
    "If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time...I'd relax,I'd limber up... I would take fewer things seriously...take more chances... take more trips...climb more mountains...swim more more ice cream." Jorge Luis Borges at age 85.

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