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Thread: I had a great time at the rally!

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    I had a great time at the rally!

    I had a better time at this rally than any I have previously attended. The location being in Ohio was very convenient for me (I am in SC).. not too far but enough not to be too easy.
    The fairgrounds were very nice and made for a great gathering spot. Having a Wal*Mart within walking distance sure was nice. Charitable groups running the convenient on site food concessions was to me a community "boost" from us (and the food was great).
    For some reason I found the other rally attendees to be friendlier than ever before, perhaps they were enjoying things as I was & being happy begat good and cheerful attitudes.
    On the down side I wish that the authorities had collected the trash more often and the bath house (which I realize worked 24hrs) that I last used on Sat AM was in dire need of cleaning.
    One fellow I spoke with told me that finding a rally site has become more and more difficult as time goes on. I would suggest that this rally would make a great example as to what to look for in the future. Perhaps some thought might be given to choosing three or four similar locations around the USA and use them in rotation. Seems a shame that we leave such a good impression behind and don't return to once again enjoy the hospitality of those who know and appreciate us.
    Everyone responsible for this rally deserves a big pat on the back, it was wonderful.

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    Thumbs up Great Rally!!!

    Kudos to the people that put together this rally!! It is hard to fathom the amount of work that goes into an event of this size!!!

    1st rally that I have attended. I was VERY impressed with the whole deal. Camping was good, people were nice, great chicken dinners at the food stands. Many mucho thanks to all the volunteer's.

    Very impressed with the entertainment!!! Both Friday shows were outstanding. I have become a believer and will attend in the future, and for more than just a day!! Am already planning the route for next years rally!!!

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